this is my fandom blog. mostly ariana obviously and I expect a decent amount of you to go on over and follow me :) i’ll make rare edits and such if you follow me! I would expect at least half to go and follow me since you all follow me for Ariana so what’s the wrong in not following my account about her?(: please and thank you loves xoxox.. maybe i’ll leak a mega rare if you follow! 

Can you most a few more rares of Liz, we're all impatiently waiting for your Liz site lol please...

I promise I’m working on it. I haven’t forgotten promise.

Do you have the video where Ariana is sitting on Avan's lap? I think they just finished filming season one of victorious? She's in like a grey hoodie. If you need me to describe it more I can.

Yes I do have it

If you don't use facebook as your main source to find pictures, what other sources do you use? If you don't mind sharing please.

Can’t disclose that information sorry.

honey your rares were never good we only liked you for facebook rares js


okay that’s nice, now you don’t need me anymore because you have matt. i don’t know what problem you have with me.

Do you have the video of Ariana, Daniella and Leon on a rollercoaster? Ari still had her red hair.

Yup, I posted it tagged so of course I have it lol

I am so lazy and don’t wanna sort my rares at all..

some ariana in japan rares please?

posted :)